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(noun) Dutch physicist who first formulated the wave theory of light (1629-1695)

What is Huygens | Huygens meaning and definition?

Christiaan Huygens: Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695) was a Dutch mathematician, astronomer, and physicist. He made significant contributions to the fields of mathematics and astronomy. Huygens is known for discovering Saturn's largest moon, Titan, and for his work on the wave theory of light.

Huygens (spacecraft): The Huygens probe was a part of the Cassini-Huygens mission to study Saturn and its moons. It successfully landed on Titan, Saturn's largest moon, in 2005 and transmitted valuable data about Titan's atmosphere and surface.

Huygens (software library): Huygens is also the name of a software package used in scientific image processing, particularly in the field of microscopy. It is developed by Scientific Volume Imaging (SVI) and is used for deconvolution, restoration, and analysis of microscopic images.

Pronunciation of Huygens | Definition of Huygens

Sudsy pronunciation - How to pronounce Sudsy in English? /ˈsʌdzɪ/ Meaning of Sudsy - What is Sudsy? (adjective) resembling lather or covered with lather
"Sudsy" is an informal term used to describe something that produces or is covered in a lot of suds. Suds are the frothy bubbles that form when certain substances, such as soap or detergent, are mixed with water and agitated. The term is often associated with soap suds, especially in the context of washing dishes, laundry, or taking a bath. For example, if you are washing your hands with a soapy solution and it produces a lot of bubbles, you might refer to it as "sudsy water." Similarly, if a detergent creates a lot of froth while washing clothes or dishes, you could say that the water is sudsy. In a more figurative sense, "sudsy" can also be used metaphorically to describe something that is overly sentimental or emotionally effusive, akin to the excessive foaming of soap suds.

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Tabulate pronunciation | How to pronounce Tabulate in English? /`tæbjʊ,leɪt/ Meaning of Tabulate | What is Tabulate? (1) (v. t.) To form into a table or tables; to reduce to tables or synopses. (2) (v. t.) To shape with a flat surface.

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