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How can I pronounce 'hitherto' correctly?



How to pronounce hitherto?

The word hitherto sounds like hith-er-to

What is the definition of hitherto?

adverbused in negative statement to describe a situation that has existed up to this point or up to the present time

What is the definition of hitherto?

  • Hitherto is an adverb that means up until this time, so far, or until now.

What is the origin of the word hitherto?

  • The word hitherto comes from Middle English, where 'hider' means 'here' and 'to' means 'until'. It is a combination of 'hider' and 'to', which formed the word 'hitherto'. It has been in use since the 14th century.

How is hitherto used in a sentence?

  • I have always wanted to visit Paris, and hitherto, I have never had the chance.
  • Hitherto, we have been successful in reaching our goals.
  • The project has been running smoothly up until now, hitherto there haven't been any major issues.

What are synonyms for hitherto?

  • Some synonyms for hitherto include until now, so far, thus far, up to this point, and formerly.

What are antonyms for hitherto?

  • Some antonyms for hitherto include henceforth, from now on, future, later, and forthcoming.

Is hitherto a formal word?

  • Yes, hitherto is considered a formal word and is commonly used in formal writing and speech.

Can hitherto be used in a professional setting?

  • Yes, hitherto can be used in a professional setting. It adds a level of formality to the language and can be used in written documents or formal presentations.

Is hitherto a commonly used word?

  • Hitherto is not one of the most commonly used words in everyday conversation, but it is frequently used in formal and written contexts.

Can hitherto be used to refer to the future?

  • No, hitherto specifically refers to the past or the time leading up to the present moment. It is not used to indicate future events.

Is hitherto synonymous with 'until now'?

  • Yes, hitherto can be used interchangeably with the phrase 'until now'.