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How to pronounce cray


What is the definition of cray?

What is the definition of cray?

  • Cray is a noun that refers to a crayfish or a lobster.

What is the origin of the word cray?

  • The word cray comes from the shortened form of 'crayfish', which is a freshwater crustacean. It is believed to be derived from the Middle English word 'crevis', which came from the Old French word 'crevice'.

What are some synonyms of cray?

  • Some synonyms of cray include crayfish, crawdad, crawdaddy, crawfish, and freshwater lobster.

What are some related words to cray?

  • Some related words to cray include crustacean, shellfish, seafood, lobster, shrimp, and prawn.

What is the plural form of cray?

  • The plural form of cray is crays.

How is the word cray used in a sentence?

  • I caught a cray in the river while fishing.
  • She ordered a plate of delicious crays at the seafood restaurant.

Is cray a common word?

  • The usage of the word cray is more common in informal or regional contexts, particularly in North America, where it is commonly used to refer to crayfish.

What are the different species of crayfish?

  • There are many different species of crayfish, including the red swamp crayfish, white river crayfish, signal crayfish, bog crayfish, and spiny-cheek crayfish, among others.

What is the size of a typical crayfish?

  • The size of a crayfish can vary depending on the species, but most adult crayfish are usually between 3 to 6 inches long.

Are crayfish edible?

  • Yes, crayfish are edible and are commonly used in various cuisines around the world.