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How do you pronounce "bonheur" and what does it mean?



How to pronounce bonheur?

The word bonheur sounds like bon-heur

What is the definition of bonheur?

noun(French) happiness and good humor

What is the definition of bonheur?

  • Bonheur is a French word that means happiness or bliss.

How do you pronounce bonheur?

  • Bonheur is pronounced as 'bo-nuhr'.

What is the origin of the word bonheur?

  • The word bonheur originated from the Old French word 'bouhur', which means good fortune or luck.

Is bonheur a noun or a verb?

  • Bonheur is a noun.

Can you provide synonyms for bonheur?

  • Synonyms for bonheur include happiness, joy, contentment, bliss, and felicity.

What is the opposite of bonheur?

  • The opposite of bonheur is malheur, which means misfortune or unhappiness.

In what contexts is bonheur commonly used?

  • Bonheur is commonly used in discussions about personal well-being, overall happiness, and life satisfaction.

Are there any idioms or phrases associated with bonheur?

  • One idiomatic expression associated with bonheur is 'chercher le bonheur', which means 'to seek happiness'.

Can you provide an example sentence using bonheur?

  • Il a trouvé le bonheur dans son mariage. (He found happiness in his marriage.)

Is bonheur a common word in French?

  • Yes, bonheur is a relatively common word in the French language.