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How do you pronounce synge?



How to pronounce synge?

The word synge sounds like synge

What is the definition of synge?

nounIrish poet and playwright whose plays are based on rural Irish life (1871-1909)

What is the definition of 'synge'?

  • 'Synge' is a variant spelling of the word 'singe', which means to burn or scorch the surface of something with flame or heat.

What is the origin of the word 'synge'?

  • The word 'synge' has Middle English and Old English origins.

How is 'synge' pronounced?

  • 'Synge' is pronounced as 'sɪndʒ'.

What are synonyms for 'synge'?

  • Synonyms for 'synge' include singe, scorch, sear, char, toast, burn, and blister.

What are antonyms for 'synge'?

  • Antonyms for 'synge' include wet, dampen, extinguish, and quench.

Can you provide an example sentence using the word 'synge'?

  • Sure! Here's an example sentence:
  • 'Be careful not to synge your hair while using a curling iron.'

What is the noun form of 'synge'?

  • The noun form of 'synge' is 'singeing'.

What is the verb form of 'synge'?

  • The verb form of 'synge' is 'singe'.

What is the adjective form of 'synge'?

  • There is no specific adjective form of 'synge'.

Is 'synge' a commonly used word?

  • No, 'synge' is not a commonly used word. The more commonly used variant spelling is 'singe'.