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How to pronounce 'congenital' and what is the meaning of 'congenital'?



How to pronounce congenital?

The word congenital sounds like con-gen-i-tal

What is the definition of congenital?

adjectivepresent at birth but not necessarily hereditary; acquired during fetal development

What does the word 'congenital' mean?

  • 'Congenital' refers to a condition or trait that is present at the time of birth.

Is congenital the same as hereditary?

  • No, congenital and hereditary are different. Congenital refers to conditions or traits present at birth, while hereditary refers to conditions or traits passed down through genes from parents.

What are some examples of congenital conditions?

  • Examples of congenital conditions include congenital heart defects, cleft lip, clubfoot, and Down syndrome.

Can congenital conditions be treated?

  • In many cases, congenital conditions can be managed or treated with medical intervention, therapies, or surgeries.

Are all congenital conditions genetic?

  • No, not all congenital conditions are genetic. Some can occur due to environmental factors or unknown causes.

Can congenital conditions be detected during pregnancy?

  • Some congenital conditions can be detected during pregnancy through prenatal testing such as ultrasounds, genetic screening, or amniocentesis.

Are congenital conditions lifelong?

  • Many congenital conditions are lifelong, but the severity and impact can vary. Some congenital conditions may require ongoing management and care.

Can congenital conditions be prevented?

  • Not all congenital conditions can be prevented, but certain measures such as prenatal care, avoiding harmful substances during pregnancy, and genetic counseling can help reduce the risk.

Is Down syndrome a congenital condition?

  • Yes, Down syndrome is a congenital condition characterized by an extra copy of chromosome 21. It is present at birth and affects the physical and intellectual development of an individual.

Can congenital conditions be inherited?

  • Some congenital conditions can be inherited if they have a genetic component. However, not all congenital conditions are inherited.