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How to pronounce the word married


adjective, noun

How to pronounce married?

The word married sounds like mar-ried

What is the definition of married?

adjectiveof or relating to the state of marriage
  • married bliss
nouna person who is married
  • we invited several young marrieds
adjectivejoined in matrimony
  • a married man
  • a married couple

What is the definition of 'married'?

  • Married refers to being legally joined in matrimony; united in wedlock; wedded.

What is the origin of the word 'married'?

  • The word 'married' comes from the Old English word 'mægð', which means 'kinswoman'. It is derived from the Proto-Germanic word 'maga-', meaning 'maid, virgin, young woman'.

What are synonyms for 'married'?

  • Synonyms for 'married' include wedded, joined, united, betrothed, spliced, hitched, coupled, attached, and paired.

What are antonyms for 'married'?

  • Antonyms for 'married' include single, unmarried, divorced, separated, and widowed.

What is the difference between 'married' and 'unmarried'?

  • Being 'married' means being legally joined in matrimony, while being 'unmarried' refers to not being married.

Can same-sex couples be 'married'?

  • Yes, same-sex couples can be legally 'married' in many countries that recognize same-sex marriage.

What is the legal age to get 'married'?

  • The legal age to get 'married' varies depending on the country and jurisdiction. In many places, individuals must be at least 18 years old to get married without parental consent.

What is the role of a 'married' person?

  • The role of a 'married' person can vary depending on cultural and personal beliefs. Generally, married individuals are expected to support and care for their spouse, share responsibilities, and build a life together.

What are the benefits of being 'married'?

  • Some benefits of being 'married' include legal recognition and protection of the relationship, tax benefits, inheritance rights, access to healthcare and insurance, and emotional support.

What are some common traditions associated with 'married' couples?

  • Some common traditions associated with married couples include exchanging wedding vows, wearing wedding rings, having a wedding ceremony, going on a honeymoon, and celebrating wedding anniversaries.