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What is the correct pronunciation of the word demesne?



How to pronounce demesne?

The word demesne sounds like de-mesne

What is the definition of demesne?

nounextensive landed property (especially in the country) retained by the owner for his own use
nounterritory over which rule or control is exercised

What is the definition of demesne?

  • In law, demesne refers to land owned or controlled by a lord and used for their own purposes.
  • In general usage, demesne refers to someone's personal or private domain or territory.

What is the origin of the word demesne?

  • The word demesne originated from the Old French term "demaine," derived from the Late Latin word "dominicus," meaning 'belonging to a lord.'

What are some synonyms of demesne?

  • Domain
  • Territory
  • Estate
  • Realm
  • Land
  • Property

What is the opposite of demesne?

  • Common
  • Public

How is demesne used in a sentence?

  • The demesne of the castle was vast and beautifully landscaped.
  • She considered her garden to be her personal demesne.
  • The lord had direct dominion over the demesne lands.

What is the historical significance of demesne?

  • In medieval Europe, demesne lands were significant as they provided income and resources to feudal lords and their households.
  • The control and management of demesne lands played a crucial role in the feudal system.

Is demesne still used in modern legal contexts?

  • While less common in modern legal contexts, demesne can still be used to refer to land ownership or control in specific situations.

What is the difference between demesne and domain?

  • Demesne typically refers to land owned or controlled by a lord or an individual for personal use.
  • Domain, on the other hand, has a broader meaning and can refer to an area of control or authority, not necessarily related to land.

What is the literary significance of demesne?

  • In literature, demesne can be used to symbolize power, wealth, and control.
  • It often represents the personal sphere or domain of a character.

Is demesne a commonly used word?

  • Demesne is not commonly used in casual or everyday language, but it may appear in legal, historical, or literary contexts.