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How to pronounce sepulchre



How to pronounce sepulchre?

The word sepulchre sounds like sep-ul-chre

What is the definition of sepulchre?

nouna chamber that is used as a grave

What is the definition of sepulchre?

  • A sepulchre is a small room or monument, cut in rock or built of stone, in which a dead person is laid or buried.

What does sepulchre mean?

  • Sepulchre means a tomb, grave, or burial place.

Where does the word sepulchre come from?

  • The word sepulchre comes from the Latin word 'sepulcrum', which means a burial place.

Synonyms of sepulchre?

  • Tomb
  • Grave
  • Crypt
  • Burial chamber

Antonyms of sepulchre?

  • Crematorium
  • Columbarium

What is the plural form of sepulchre?

  • The plural form of sepulchre is 'sepulchres' or 'sepulchers'.

Examples of sepulchre in a sentence?

  • 1. They laid flowers on the sepulchre of their loved one.
  • 2. The ancient sepulchre was discovered by archaeologists.
  • 3. The royal family was buried in the majestic sepulchre.

What is the origin of sepulchres?

  • The origin of sepulchres dates back to ancient times when people started burying their dead in specially constructed structures or caves.

What is the religious significance of sepulchres?

  • Sepulchres have religious significance in many cultures as they are considered sacred places where the remains of the deceased are laid to rest.

Usage of sepulchres in literature?

  • Sepulchres are often used in literature to symbolize death, mortality, and the passage of time.