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How to say initiative and what does initiative mean?


noun, adjective

How to pronounce initiative?

The word initiative sounds like in-i-ti-a-tive

What is the definition of initiative?

adjectiveserving to set in motion
  • the initiative phase in the negotiations
nounreadiness to embark on bold new ventures
nounthe first of a series of actions

What is the definition of initiative?

  • Initiative is the ability to take action and make decisions without being told what to do.

What are synonyms for initiative?

  • enterprise
  • dynamism
  • drive
  • ambition
  • motivation

What is the opposite of initiative?

  • inertia
  • inaction
  • apathy
  • passivity

How is initiative used in a sentence?

  • He showed great initiative by launching his own business.
  • She took the initiative and started the project without waiting for instructions.
  • It is important to take initiative and be proactive in your work.

What are some examples of initiative?

  • Volunteering for a new project at work before being asked.
  • Taking the lead in organizing a charity event.
  • Pitching a new idea to your boss without being prompted.

How can one develop initiative?

  • By taking on new challenges and responsibilities.
  • Being proactive and looking for opportunities to contribute.
  • Setting goals and striving to achieve them.

Why is initiative important?

  • Initiative is important because it demonstrates proactivity and self-motivation.
  • It can lead to personal growth and professional success.
  • Initiative is often valued by employers and can lead to new opportunities.

Is initiative a skill?

  • Yes, initiative is considered a skill.
  • It can be developed and improved with practice.
  • Employers often look for candidates with initiative.

Can initiative be taught?

  • While some people may naturally possess more initiative, it can also be taught and developed.
  • Training and coaching can help individuals cultivate a proactive mindset.

What is the importance of taking initiative in the workplace?

  • Taking initiative in the workplace can lead to increased productivity, innovation, and job satisfaction.
  • It shows leadership potential and a willingness to go above and beyond.
  • Initiative can also improve teamwork and collaboration.