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How to correctly pronounce the word 'revitalize'?



How to pronounce revitalize?

The word revitalize sounds like re-vi-tal-ize

What is the definition of revitalize?

verbrestore strength
  • This food revitalized the patient
verbgive new life or vigor to

What is the definition of revitalize?

  • Revitalize means to give new life or energy to something or someone.

What is the origin of the word revitalize?

  • The word revitalize originated from the Latin word 'revitalis', which means 'restoring life'.

What are synonyms for revitalize?

  • Some synonyms for revitalize include rejuvenate, refresh, revive, invigorate, and renew.

What are antonyms for revitalize?

  • Some antonyms for revitalize include weaken, deplete, exhaust, drain, and debilitate.

How is revitalize used in a sentence?

  • She took a vacation to revitalize herself and came back refreshed and energized.
  • The company is planning to revitalize the old neighborhood by investing in its infrastructure.
  • Regular exercise can help revitalize your body and improve your overall health.

What part of speech is revitalize?

  • Revitalize is a verb.

What is the present participle of revitalize?

  • The present participle of revitalize is revitalizing.

What is the past tense of revitalize?

  • The past tense of revitalize is revitalized.

What is the past participle of revitalize?

  • The past participle of revitalize is revitalized.

Can you provide a few related words to revitalize?

  • Renewal
  • Regeneration
  • Restoration
  • Rejuvenation
  • Revivification