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How do you pronounce 'justiciar' and what does it mean?



How to pronounce justiciar?

The word justiciar sounds like jus-ti-ci-ar

What is the definition of justiciar?

nounformerly a high judicial officer

What is the definition of the word justiciar?

  • A justiciar is a medieval judicial officer who acted in the absence of the monarch.

What is the origin of the word justiciar?

  • The word justiciar originates from the Latin word 'justitiarius', which means 'administrator of justice'.

How is the word justiciar pronounced?

  • juh-STEE-uh-r

What are synonyms for justiciar?

  • Judge
  • Magistrate
  • Justice

What are some related words to justiciar?

  • Judicial
  • Judiciary
  • Justiciary

What is the role of a justiciar?

  • A justiciar had the power to administer justice, hear legal cases, and settle disputes in the absence of the monarch.

Is justiciar still in use today?

  • No, the term justiciar is not commonly used today. It is primarily associated with medieval times.

Are there any famous justiciars in history?

  • Yes, one famous justiciar is Ranulf de Glanvill, who served as the Chief Justiciar of England under King Henry II.

In which countries was the position of justiciar prominent?

  • The position of justiciar was prominent in medieval England, Scotland, and France.

What was the role of a justiciar in medieval England?

  • In medieval England, a justiciar was the highest judicial officer in the land and acted as the king's representative in legal matters.