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How to pronounce 'virchow'?



How to pronounce virchow?

The word virchow sounds like vir-chow

What is the definition of virchow?

nounGerman pathologist who recognized that all cells come from cells by binary fission and who emphasized cellular abnormalities in disease (1821-1902)

What is the origin of the word 'virchow'?

  • The word 'virchow' originated from the surname of Rudolf Virchow, a famous German pathologist.

What is the meaning of 'virchow'?

  • There is no specific meaning associated with the word 'virchow'.

Who is Rudolf Virchow?

  • Rudolf Virchow was a prominent 19th-century German scientist, often referred to as the 'Father of Modern Pathology'.

What is the significance of the word 'virchow'?

  • The word 'virchow' is primarily associated with Rudolf Virchow's contributions to the field of pathology and medicine.

Is 'virchow' a common word in any language?

  • No, 'virchow' is not a common word in any language. It is primarily used as a proper noun.

Are there any other meanings of the word 'virchow'?

  • No, the word 'virchow' does not have any other commonly recognized meanings.

Can 'virchow' be used as a name for a person or a place?

  • Yes, 'virchow' can be used as a surname for a person. It is not commonly used as a name for a place.

Are there any famous people with the surname 'virchow'?

  • No, the surname 'virchow' is not widely known or associated with any famous individuals besides Rudolf Virchow.

Is there any other information related to the word 'virchow'?

  • Rudolf Virchow made significant contributions to various fields including medicine, pathology, anthropology, and public health. He was also a prominent social and political activist.

Can you provide any examples of the word 'virchow' used in a sentence?

  • 1. Rudolf Virchow's research revolutionized the field of pathology. 2. The Virchow Society is dedicated to promoting scientific research in the field of medicine.