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How do you pronounce espagnole?



How to pronounce espagnole?

The word espagnole sounds like es-pa-gnole

What is the definition of espagnole?

nounbrown sauce with tomatoes and a caramelized mixture of minced carrots and onions and celery seasoned with Madeira

What is the meaning of espagnole?

  • Espagnole is a French word that means 'Spanish.'

Is espagnole a noun?

  • Yes, espagnole is a feminine noun in French.

What is the origin of the word espagnole?

  • Espagnole is derived from the Old French word 'espaigne', which came from the Late Latin word 'Hispanicus' meaning 'of Spain.'

Can espagnole be used as an adjective?

  • Yes, espagnole can be used as an adjective to describe something as Spanish in nature or origin.

What are the synonyms of espagnole?

  • The synonyms of espagnole include Spanish, Iberian, and Hispanic.

Is 'espagnole' a common word in French?

  • Yes, espagnole is a fairly common word in French.

Can 'espagnole' refer to the Spanish language?

  • No, 'espagnole' specifically refers to something Spanish but not the Spanish language itself. The word for the Spanish language in French is 'espagnol'.

Is 'espagnole' used in any idiomatic expressions?

  • Yes, 'espagnole' is used in the idiomatic expression 'à l'espagnole', which means 'in the Spanish style'.

Can 'espagnole' be used to refer to people from Spain?

  • No, 'espagnole' is not commonly used to refer to people from Spain. The word for a person from Spain in French is 'Espagnol' (masculine) or 'Espagnole' (feminine).

Can 'espagnole' have different meanings in contexts other than the Spanish language?

  • Yes, depending on the context, 'espagnole' can also refer to a type of brown sauce in French cuisine.