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How is the word 'domitian' pronounced?



How to pronounce domitian?

The word domitian sounds like do-mi-tian

What is the definition of domitian?

nounEmperor of Rome; son of Vespasian who succeeded his brother Titus; instigated a reign of terror and was assassinated as a tyrant (51-96)

Who was Domitian?

  • Domitian was a Roman emperor who ruled from 81 AD to 96 AD.

What was Domitian's full name?

  • Domitian's full name was Titus Flavius Domitianus.

When was Domitian born?

  • Domitian was born on October 24, 51 AD.

Where was Domitian born?

  • Domitian was born in Rome, Italy.

Who were Domitian's parents?

  • Domitian's father was Vespasian, who was also a Roman emperor, and his mother was Flavia Domitilla.

What was Domitian's role before becoming emperor?

  • Before becoming emperor, Domitian held several military and administrative positions, including consul and commander of the Roman army in Germany.

How did Domitian die?

  • Domitian was assassinated on September 18, 96 AD, by a conspiracy involving members of the Senate.

What were some notable achievements of Domitian's reign?

  • During his reign as emperor, Domitian expanded the Roman Empire in Britain and Dacia, implemented public works projects, and strengthened the Roman economy.

What was Domitian's reputation as an emperor?

  • Domitian's reputation as emperor was controversial, with some considering him a tyrant and others praising his administrative reforms and military achievements.

What is the legacy of Domitian?

  • Domitian's legacy is marked by his autocratic rule and his role in shaping the Roman Empire. He is often remembered as a ruler who was strict and suspicious of the senatorial class.