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How to pronounce the word 'nefertiti' and what does it mean?



How to pronounce nefertiti?

The word nefertiti sounds like nef-er-ti-ti

What is the definition of nefertiti?

nounqueen of Egypt and wife of Akhenaton (14th century BC)

What does the word 'nefertiti' mean?

  • The word 'nefertiti' means 'the beautiful one has come'.

Who was Nefertiti?

  • Nefertiti was an ancient Egyptian queen and the Great Royal Wife of Akhenaten, an Egyptian pharaoh.

When did Nefertiti live?

  • Nefertiti lived during the 14th century BCE, specifically during the period of the New Kingdom of Egypt.

What is Nefertiti known for?

  • Nefertiti is best known for her beauty and as one of the most iconic queens of ancient Egypt. She also played a significant role in religious and artistic reforms during her husband's reign.

Where was Nefertiti's bust discovered?

  • Nefertiti's iconic bust was discovered in 1912 in the workshop of the sculptor Thutmose in the ancient Egyptian city of Amarna.

Which pharaoh was Nefertiti married to?

  • Nefertiti was married to Pharaoh Akhenaten, who reigned during the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt.

Did Nefertiti rule as a pharaoh?

  • There is no evidence to suggest that Nefertiti ruled as a pharaoh after the death of her husband. However, her influence during Akhenaten's reign was significant.

What happened to Nefertiti?

  • The exact fate of Nefertiti is unknown. Some theories suggest that she may have died and been buried in the Valley of the Kings, while others propose that she changed her name and ruled as co-regent with a new pharaoh.

What is the significance of Nefertiti's bust?

  • Nefertiti's bust is considered one of the most beautiful and renowned works of ancient Egyptian art. It has become an iconic symbol of feminine beauty and has greatly influenced art and fashion.

What is the current whereabouts of Nefertiti's bust?

  • Nefertiti's bust is currently located in the Neues Museum in Berlin, Germany, where it has been on display since its discovery.