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How to pronounce "clingy" and what is the meaning of "clingy"?


How to pronounce clingy?

The word clingy sounds like cling-y

What is the definition of 'clingy'?

  • Clingy is an adjective that describes someone or something that is overly attached, dependent, or possessive in a relationship.

What are synonyms for 'clingy'?

  • needy
  • dependent
  • possessive
  • overbearing

What are antonyms for 'clingy'?

  • independent
  • self-reliant
  • detached
  • aloof

Is 'clingy' a positive or negative trait?

  • Clingy is generally viewed as a negative trait.

How is 'clingy' used in a sentence?

  • She is so clingy that she can't go a day without calling him.
  • His clingy behavior is driving her away.

Can 'clingy' be used to describe objects?

  • No, 'clingy' is typically used to describe people.

What is the origin of the word 'clingy'?

  • The word 'clingy' is derived from the verb 'cling', which dates back to the 13th century and means 'to adhere or stick closely'.

Is being clingy always a bad thing?

  • Being clingy can be perceived as a negative trait because it often implies neediness and lack of independence in a relationship. However, the context and degree of clinginess can vary, and some people may appreciate a certain level of attachment.

What are some signs of clingy behavior?

  • Constantly seeking reassurance and validation, expressing jealousy or possessiveness, being overly dependent, being unable to give personal space, and exhibiting controlling behavior are all signs of clingy behavior.

How can someone deal with a clingy person?

  • Setting clear boundaries, encouraging independence, communicating openly and honestly about needs and expectations, and seeking professional help if necessary are some ways to deal with a clingy person.