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How to pronounce 'lamellar'?


What is the definition of lamellar?

  • Lamellar is an adjective that describes something composed of thin layers or lamellae.

What is an example of something that is lamellar?

  • An example of something that is lamellar is graphite, which is composed of stacked layers of carbon atoms.

What is the opposite of lamellar?

  • The opposite of lamellar is massive, which describes something that is not composed of thin layers.

What are the synonyms of lamellar?

  • The synonyms of lamellar include layered, laminated, laminal, and stratified.

What are the antonyms of lamellar?

  • The antonyms of lamellar include unlayered, nonlaminated, and unstratified.

What is the origin of the word lamellar?

  • The word 'lamellar' comes from the Latin word 'lamella', which means a small thin plate.

What is the scientific usage of the term lamellar?

  • In science, the term lamellar is often used to describe certain structural features, such as lamellar bone or lamellar phase.

Can lamellar refer to something biological?

  • Yes, lamellar can refer to something biological. For example, lamellar bodies are structures found in the lungs.

Is lamellar a commonly used word?

  • Lamellar is not as commonly used as some other words, but it is still used in scientific and technical contexts.

How can lamellar be used in a sentence?

  • - The sample showed a lamellar structure with clearly visible layers.
  • - The artist used lamellar shading to create depth in the painting.