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How to pronounce didache


What is the definition of didache?

  • The definition of didache is a Greek word meaning 'teaching'.

What is the origin of the word didache?

  • The word didache originated from the Greek language.

What is the etymology of the word didache?

  • The word didache comes from the Greek verb 'didasko', meaning 'to teach'.

Is didache a noun or a verb?

  • Didache is a noun.

Can you use didache in a sentence?

  • Sure! Here's an example sentence: The early Christian text, known as the Didache, provides instructions for ethical living.

Is didache a common word?

  • Didache is not a commonly used word in everyday language. It is primarily known and used in theological and historical contexts.

What is the significance of didache?

  • The Didache is an important early Christian document that provides insights into the beliefs and practices of the early Church. It offers instructions on various topics such as baptism, prayers, and moral conduct.

Are there any related words to didache?

  • There are no direct synonyms for didache, but related words include 'teaching', 'instruction', and 'doctrine'.

Is didache still used in academic or religious studies?

  • Yes, didache is still studied in academic and religious circles, particularly in the field of early Christian studies.

Can you provide more information about the Didache text?

  • The Didache, also known as 'The Teachings of the Twelve Apostles', is an ancient Christian text believed to have been written in the first century. It is considered one of the earliest Christian documents outside of the New Testament. The Didache provides practical instructions for Christian living, including guidance on baptism, prayers, fasting, and the Eucharist.