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How to pronounce fungible?


noun, adjective

How to pronounce fungible?

The word fungible sounds like fun-gi-ble

What is the definition of fungible?

nouna commodity that is freely interchangeable with another in satisfying an obligation
adjectiveof goods or commodities; freely exchangeable for or replaceable by another of like nature or kind in the satisfaction of an obligation

What is the definition of fungible?

  • Fungible refers to something that is interchangeable or replaceable with another identical item or asset.

What is an example of something fungible?

  • Money is a commonly cited example of something fungible. Each unit of currency is identical to another and can be exchanged for goods or services of equal value.

What is the opposite of fungible?

  • The opposite of fungible is non-fungible. Non-fungible items are unique and not interchangeable with others.

Are stocks fungible?

  • Yes, stocks are generally considered fungible. Each share of stock represents an equal ownership in the company and can be exchanged with other shares of the same stock.

Is time fungible?

  • No, time is not considered fungible. Each unit of time is unique and cannot be replaced or exchanged for another unit in the same way as fungible items.

Can fungible items be replaced with non-identical items?

  • No, fungible items are specifically defined as being interchangeable with identical items. They cannot be replaced with non-identical items.

Is electricity fungible?

  • Electricity is typically considered fungible. When electricity is generated, it is not possible to differentiate between different units. However, in some cases, regional variations may impact the fungibility of electricity.

Are cryptocurrencies fungible?

  • Most cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are considered fungible. Each unit of the cryptocurrency is identical to another and can be exchanged without any distinction.

Can fungible items have different values?

  • Fungible items can have different values, but their fungibility lies in their interchangeability, not their value. For example, different banknotes of the same currency denomination may have different values due to their condition, but they can still be exchanged on a one-to-one basis.

Is gold fungible?

  • Gold is generally considered fungible. If two gold bars have the same weight and purity, they can be exchanged without any distinction. However, unique or rare forms of gold, such as collector's items, may not be fungible.