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How to pronounce minuend



How to pronounce minuend?

The word minuend sounds like min-u-end

What is the definition of minuend?

nounthe number from which the subtrahend is subtracted

What is the definition of minuend?

  • The minuend is the number from which another number, known as the subtrahend, is subtracted in a subtraction equation.

What is the opposite of minuend?

  • The opposite of minuend is subtrahend.

What is the role of minuend in subtraction?

  • The minuend is the number that is being subtracted from in a subtraction equation.

Is minuend always larger than the subtrahend?

  • The minuend is not always larger than the subtrahend. It can be either larger or smaller depending on the specific subtraction equation.

Can the minuend be negative?

  • Yes, the minuend can be negative. In subtraction, the minuend can be a positive or negative number.

What is an example of a minuend?

  • In the equation 10 - 3 = 7, the minuend is 10.

How is minuend pronounced?

  • Minuend is pronounced as MIN-yoo-end.

What is the mathematical symbol for subtraction?

  • The mathematical symbol for subtraction is '-'. It is used between the minuend and the subtrahend in an equation.

What is the origin of the word 'minuend'?

  • The word 'minuend' is derived from the Latin word 'minuendum', which means 'to diminish'.

Can the minuend be a decimal or fraction?

  • Yes, the minuend can be a decimal or fraction. Subtraction can be performed with any type of numbers, including decimals and fractions.