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What is the pronunciation of the word "longitudinal"?



How to pronounce longitudinal?

The word longitudinal sounds like lon-gi-tu-di-nal

What is the definition of longitudinal?

adjectiveover an extended time
  • a longitudinal study of twins
adjectiverunning lengthwise
  • a thin longitudinal strip
  • longitudinal measurements of the hull
of or relating to lines of longitude
  • longitudinal reckoning by the navigator

What is the definition of "longitudinal"?

  • Longitudinal is an adjective that refers to the lengthwise direction or alignment of something.

What is the opposite of "longitudinal"?

  • The opposite of longitudinal is transverse, which refers to the direction or alignment that is perpendicular or across the length of something.

What are synonyms for "longitudinal"?

  • Synonyms for longitudinal include lengthwise, parallel, aligned, and axial.

What are examples of "longitudinal"?

  • Examples of longitudinal include a longitudinal study, a longitudinal axis, or a longitudinal wave.

What is a longitudinal study?

  • A longitudinal study is a research design that follows the same individuals or groups over an extended period to observe changes or trends over time.

What is a longitudinal wave?

  • A longitudinal wave is a wave in which the motion of the medium is parallel to the direction of the energy transport.

What is the meaning of longitudinal axis?

  • The longitudinal axis is an imaginary line that runs lengthwise through the center of an object, defining its main direction or alignment.

How is "longitudinal" used in physics?

  • In physics, "longitudinal" is often used to describe waves or vibrations traveling in the same direction as the applied force.

What is the importance of "longitudinal" research?

  • Longitudinal research allows researchers to track changes or developments over time, providing valuable insights into the long-term effects or trends of various factors.

How is "longitudinal" related to longitudinal data?

  • "Longitudinal" is often used to describe longitudinal data, which refers to data collected or observed over multiple time points or intervals.