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How to pronounce 'rapporteur'?



How to pronounce rapporteur?

The word rapporteur sounds like rap-por-teur

What is the definition of rapporteur?

nouna recorder appointed by a committee to prepare reports of the meetings

What is the meaning of rapporteur?

  • A rapporteur is a person appointed to investigate and report on a specific issue or topic.

What is the origin of the word rapporteur?

  • The word rapporteur comes from French, where it means 'reporter' or 'bearer of a report'. It is derived from the verb 'rapporter', which means 'to report'.

What is the role of a rapporteur?

  • The role of a rapporteur is to gather information, conduct research, and prepare a report on a specific subject. They are usually appointed by an organization or a governing body to provide an unbiased analysis and recommendations.

Where can you find rapporteurs?

  • Rapporteurs can be found in various settings such as international organizations, government bodies, legislative committees, and academic institutions.

What are the qualifications of a rapporteur?

  • Qualifications of a rapporteur can vary depending on the specific subject or issue they are appointed to report on. However, they generally require a strong understanding of the topic, research and analytical skills, good communication abilities, and the ability to work independently.

How is a rapporteur selected?

  • The process of selecting a rapporteur varies depending on the organization or body appointing them. It may involve nominations, interviews, or a formal selection procedure. The selection is usually based on expertise, experience, and impartiality.

What is the difference between a rapporteur and a reporter?

  • While both terms can refer to someone who provides information or writes about a subject, a rapporteur is specifically appointed to investigate and report on a particular issue or topic. A reporter, on the other hand, can refer to a journalist or someone who covers news and events in a general sense.

What is the importance of a rapporteur?

  • Rapporteurs play a crucial role in gathering and analyzing information, conducting research, and providing objective reports and recommendations. Their work helps inform decision-making processes and contributes to transparency, accountability, and informed policy development.

Can you give an example of a rapporteur?

  • One example of a rapporteur is the United Nations Special Rapporteurs. They are independent experts appointed by the UN Human Rights Council to investigate and report on human rights issues in specific countries or thematic areas.

Is rapporteur a gender-neutral term?

  • Yes, the term rapporteur is considered gender-neutral.