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How to pronounce the word 'reputed' and what does it mean?


What is the definition of 'reputed'?

  • Reputed is an adjective that means generally regarded or considered to be a particular thing or having a particular quality.

Can you provide synonyms for 'reputed'?

  • alleged
  • supposed
  • assumed
  • presumed
  • believed
  • regarded
  • thought
  • considered
  • rumored

What is the antonym of 'reputed'?

  • disreputed
  • discredited
  • dishonored
  • ignored
  • unknown

In what context can 'reputed' be used?

  • Reputed can be used to describe someone or something that is widely believed or accepted to have a certain quality or reputation. It can also be used to describe the widely held opinion about someone's character or status.

Is 'reputed' a positive or negative word?

  • 'Reputed' is generally a positive word as it implies that someone or something is regarded or considered highly.

How is 'reputed' pronounced?

  • 'Reputed' is pronounced as ri-pyoo-tid, with emphasis on the second syllable.

Can you give an example sentence using 'reputed'?

  • He is a reputed expert in his field.
  • The restaurant is reputed for its delicious seafood.

What is the origin of the word 'reputed'?

  • The word 'reputed' originated in the late Middle English period from the Old French word 'reputer', meaning 'to count, esteem'. It is derived from the Latin word ' reputare', meaning 'to think over, consider'.

Is 'reputed' a commonly used word?

  • 'Reputed' is a moderately commonly used word in both spoken and written English.

Can 'reputed' be used to describe a person's personality?

  • Yes, 'reputed' can be used to describe a person's character or reputation.