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How do you pronounce ceph–al–ic?


How to pronounce cephalic?

The word cephalic sounds like ce-phal-ic

What is the definition of cephalic?

of or relating to the head

What is the meaning of cephalic?

  • Cephalic is an adjective that means relating to or located in the head.

Is cephalic a medical term?

  • Yes, cephalic is often used in medical terminology to describe things related to the head and skull.

Can cephalic be used to describe body parts?

  • Yes, cephalic can be used to describe body parts that are located in or on the head, such as the cephalic vein.

Are there any synonyms for cephalic?

  • Some synonyms for cephalic include cranial, head, and cerebral.

How is cephalic pronounced?

  • Cephalic is pronounced suh-fal-ik.

What is the opposite of cephalic?

  • The opposite of cephalic is caudal, which means related to the tail or posterior end of the body.

Is cephalic used in any specific scientific fields?

  • Yes, cephalic is commonly used in fields such as anatomy, neurology, and embryology.

Are there any medical conditions associated with cephalic?

  • No, cephalic itself is not associated with any specific medical conditions, but it is used to describe various anatomical structures and positions in medical terminology.

Can cephalic describe the position of a fetus?

  • Yes, cephalic is often used to describe the normal head-first position of a fetus during childbirth.

Is cephalic related to the brain?

  • Yes, cephalic is related to the brain as it refers to things associated with the head, which includes the brain.