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What is the pronunciation of 'froward'?



How to pronounce froward?

The word froward sounds like fro-ward

What is the definition of froward?

adjectivehabitually disposed to disobedience and opposition

What is the definition of froward?

  • Froward is an adjective that means difficult to deal with, stubborn, or willfully contrary.

Is froward a common word?

  • No, froward is not a commonly used word.

What is the origin of froward?

  • Froward originated from Middle English and is derived from the combination of 'fro' meaning away and 'ward' meaning direction.

Can you provide synonyms for froward?

  • Some synonyms for froward are stubborn, obstinate, contrary, unruly, and wayward.

What are some antonyms of froward?

  • Some antonyms of froward are compliant, accommodating, obedient, docile, and submissive.

How do you use froward in a sentence?

  • - Despite his froward nature, she managed to persuade him to come along.
  • - The child's froward behavior made it difficult for the teacher to maintain control of the class.

Can you provide an example of froward in a sentence?

  • The froward employee constantly questioned and disagreed with his supervisor's instructions.

What part of speech is froward?

  • Froward is an adjective.

Can you provide a similar word to froward?

  • A similar word to froward is obstinate.

What is the opposite of froward?

  • The opposite of froward is obedient.