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How do you pronounce the word peddler?



How to pronounce peddler?

The word peddler sounds like ped-dler

What is the definition of peddler?

nounsomeone who travels about selling his wares (as on the streets or at carnivals)
nounan unlicensed dealer in illegal drugs

What does the word 'peddler' mean?

  • A peddler is a person who travels from place to place selling goods or services, often in a small cart or on foot.

What is the origin of the word 'peddler'?

  • The word 'peddler' originated from the Middle English word 'pedlere', which is derived from the Old French word 'pedeour', meaning 'pedestrian', and the Latin word 'pedarius', meaning 'on foot'.

What are some synonyms of the word 'peddler'?

  • Some synonyms of 'peddler' include: vendor, hawker, trader, seller, salesman, and itinerant merchant.

What are some related words to the word 'peddler'?

  • Some related words to 'peddler' include: merchant, salesperson, street vendor, pedlar, marketer, and entrepreneur.

What is the gender-neutral term for a 'peddler'?

  • The gender-neutral term for a 'peddler' is 'vendor' or 'seller'.

What are examples of goods commonly sold by 'peddlers'?

  • Examples of goods commonly sold by 'peddlers' include: clothing, jewelry, household items, food, beverages, and small tools.

What are some famous fictional 'peddler' characters?

  • Some famous fictional 'peddler' characters include: the Peddler from Disney's 'Aladdin', the Spinning Wheel Peddler from 'Sleeping Beauty', and the Candyman from Roald Dahl's 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.

Are 'peddlers' still common today?

  • While the traditional image of a 'peddler' may not be as common today, the concept of selling goods while traveling from place to place still exists, especially with the rise of online marketplaces and door-to-door sales.

What are some challenges faced by 'peddlers'?

  • Some challenges faced by 'peddlers' include: competition from larger retailers, regulatory restrictions, difficulty building a customer base, weather conditions affecting sales, and the need to constantly travel and transport goods.

What are some famous historical 'peddlers'?

  • Some famous historical 'peddlers' include: Johnny Appleseed, who was a nurseryman and peddler known for planting apple trees across the United States, and Levi Strauss, who started his business by selling supplies to miners as a peddler.