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What is the pronunciation of 'congeniality'?



How to pronounce congeniality?

The word congeniality sounds like con-ge-ni-al-i-ty

What is the definition of congeniality?

nouncompatibility between persons
nouna congenial disposition

What is the meaning of congeniality?

  • Congeniality refers to the quality of being pleasant, friendly, and compatible.

What is the synonym of congeniality?

  • The synonyms of congeniality include compatibility, friendliness, agreeableness, affability, and conviviality.

What is the opposite of congeniality?

  • The opposite of congeniality is hostility.

How is congeniality used in a sentence?

  • She greeted everyone with warmth and congeniality.
  • The team thrived on the congeniality and cooperation amongst its members.

What part of speech is congeniality?

  • Congeniality is a noun.

What is the origin of congeniality?

  • The word congeniality originated in the early 17th century from the Latin word 'congenialis', which means 'kindred in nature'. It is derived from the prefix 'com-' (meaning 'together') and 'genus' (meaning 'birth, descent, or origin').

What are related words to congeniality?

  • Some related words to congeniality include warmth, sociability, agreeability, harmony, and friendliness.

Is congeniality a positive trait?

  • Yes, congeniality is generally considered a positive trait as it promotes pleasant and friendly interactions.

Can congeniality be learned?

  • Yes, congeniality can be learned and cultivated through practicing good communication skills, developing empathy, and cultivating a positive attitude.

Is congeniality important in the workplace?

  • Yes, congeniality is important in the workplace as it helps foster a positive work environment, promotes collaboration, and enhances productivity.