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How to pronounce 'beaux' and what does it mean?


How to pronounce beaux?

The word beaux sounds like beaux

What is the definition of 'beaux'?

  • The plural form of the word 'beau', which means a boyfriend, lover, or suitor.

What is the origin of the word 'beaux'?

  • The word 'beau' is borrowed from the French language, specifically from the Old French word 'bel', meaning 'beautiful'.

How is 'beaux' pronounced?

  • 'Beaux' is pronounced as 'boh'.

Is 'beaux' used in modern English?

  • The word 'beaux' is not commonly used in modern English. It is considered archaic or poetic.

Can 'beaux' be used to refer to female suitors?

  • No, 'beaux' specifically refers to male suitors. For female suitors, the term 'belles' is used.

Is there a singular form of 'beaux'?

  • Yes, the singular form of 'beaux' is 'beau'.

What are some synonyms of 'beaux'?

  • Some synonyms of 'beaux' are 'boyfriends', 'lovers', and 'suitors'.

Can 'beaux' be used as a gender-neutral term?

  • No, 'beaux' is a gender-specific term and is used to refer to male suitors.

Are there any related words to 'beaux'?

  • Some related words to 'beaux' are 'beauty', 'beautiful', and 'beauteous'.

Can 'beaux' be used in formal writing?

  • It is uncommon to use 'beaux' in formal writing, as it is considered old-fashioned or poetic.