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How to pronounce gorget



How to pronounce gorget?

The word gorget sounds like gor-get

What is the definition of gorget?

nounarmor plate that protects the neck

What does the word "gorget" mean?

  • A gorget is a piece of armor that protects the throat and neck.
  • In ornithology, a gorget is a brightly colored patch of feathers on the throat of a bird.
  • In archaeology, a gorget is a decorative pendant worn as a necklace by ancient cultures.

Where does the word "gorget" come from?

  • The word "gorget" is derived from the Old French word "gorgette", which means a piece of armor that covers the throat.
  • It can also be traced back to the Latin word "gorgo", which means throat or neck.

What are some synonyms for the word "gorget"?

  • Some synonyms for "gorget" include neck guard, throat guard, neck protector, and neck plate.

What are some examples of animals that have a gorget?

  • Some birds, such as hummingbirds and sunbirds, have a gorget.
  • In some snake species, the ventral scales on the throat area are called a gorget.

What is a ceremonial gorget?

  • A ceremonial gorget is a type of pendant or ornament worn around the neck for decorative or ceremonial purposes.
  • It is often made from valuable materials and may be adorned with intricate designs or symbols.

What is the historical significance of a gorget in warfare?

  • In medieval times, a gorget was a crucial piece of armor for protecting the vulnerable throat and neck area of a warrior.
  • It was typically made of metal and worn as part of a suit of armor.
  • The gorget provided essential protection against sword thrusts and arrow strikes.

How is a gorget used in bird identification?

  • In bird identification, a gorget refers to the brightly colored patch of feathers on the throat of certain bird species.
  • This feature is often used to distinguish between different species or to attract mates during courtship displays.

What is the function of a gorget in snake species?

  • In snakes, the ventral scales on the throat area, often referred to as a gorget, play a role in swallowing and extending the jaws when capturing prey.
  • It helps the snake to accommodate larger prey items by expanding the throat.

Are gorgets still used in modern armor?

  • Gorgets are not commonly used in modern armor due to advancements in protective gear technology.
  • However, some ceremonial or historical reenactment purposes may still incorporate gorgets as part of the attire.

What are some notable historical gorgets?

  • The gorget of Philip II of Spain, known as the "Golden Fleece Gorget", is a famous historical example of an ornate gorget.
  • Another notable gorget is the Hesse Gorget, which is an important artifact of the American Revolutionary War.