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How to pronounce 'elegiac'?



How to pronounce elegiac?

The word elegiac sounds like el-e-gi-ac

What is the definition of elegiac?

adjectiveexpressing sorrow often for something past
  • an elegiac lament for youthful ideals
resembling or characteristic of or appropriate to an elegy
  • an elegiac poem on a friend's death

What is the meaning of elegiac?

  • Elegiac is an adjective that describes something as mournful, sad, or expressing sorrow.

What is the origin of the word elegiac?

  • The word elegiac comes from the Greek word 'elegiakos' and the Latin word 'elegiacus', both of which refer to a type of poetic verse.

Can you give an example sentence using elegiac?

  • The poet penned an elegiac tribute to his late mother.

What is the antonym of elegiac?

  • The antonym of elegiac is cheerful or joyful.

Is elegiac a commonly used word?

  • Elegiac is not as commonly used as some other words, but it is still used in literature and poetry.

What are synonyms of elegiac?

  • Synonyms of elegiac include mournful, sorrowful, melancholic, and lamenting.

What is the noun form of elegiac?

  • The noun form of elegiac is elegy.

Can elegiac be used to describe music?

  • Yes, elegiac can be used to describe music that evokes strong emotions of grief or sadness.

What is the adjective form of elegy?

  • The adjective form of elegy is elegiac.

Is elegiac a positive or negative word?

  • Elegiac is usually associated with negative emotions or situations, such as mourning or sorrow.