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How to pronounce 'hilo'?



How to pronounce hilo?

The word hilo sounds like hi-lo

What is the definition of hilo?

nouna town in Hawaii on the island of Hawaii

What is the meaning of the word 'hilo'?

  • Hilo is a noun that means a fine thread or yarn of cotton or silk.

What is the origin of the word 'hilo'?

  • The word 'hilo' comes from the Spanish language, derived from the Latin word 'filum' meaning 'thread'. It has been adopted into English from the Spanish word for 'thread'.

How is the word 'hilo' pronounced?

  • The word 'hilo' is pronounced as 'hee-loh', with the emphasis on the first syllable.

What are some synonyms of the word 'hilo'?

  • Some synonyms of 'hilo' include thread, yarn, filament, strand, fiber.

What are some related words to the word 'hilo'?

  • Some related words to 'hilo' include cord, string, rope, twine, wire.

How is the word 'hilo' used in a sentence?

  • She used a hilo thread to sew the buttons.
  • The dress was made from the finest hilo yarn.
  • He tied the package with a hilo string.

What is the plural form of the word 'hilo'?

  • The plural form of 'hilo' is 'hilos'.

Can 'hilo' be used as a verb?

  • No, 'hilo' is not used as a verb. It is mainly used as a noun to refer to a type of thread or yarn.

What are some examples of 'hilo' in popular culture?

  • In the movie 'Coco', the character Mama Coco is seen knitting with hilo yarn.
  • Hilo is commonly used in traditional Filipino clothing like the Barong Tagalog.

What are some common collocations with the word 'hilo'?

  • Some common collocations with 'hilo' include 'hilo thread', 'hilo yarn', 'hilo fabric', 'hilo stitch'.
  • Some collocations specific to the Philippines are 'hilo barong', 'hilo skirt'.