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How to pronounce lough?



How to pronounce lough?

The word lough sounds like lough

What is the definition of lough?

nouna long narrow (nearly landlocked) cove in Ireland
nounIrish word for a lake

What is the definition of lough?

  • Lough is a noun that refers to a lake or a bay.

Where is the word lough commonly used?

  • The word lough is commonly used in Ireland and parts of Scotland.

Is lough a common word in the English language?

  • Although lough is not a commonly used word in general English, it is commonly used in Irish English.

Is lough synonymous with lake?

  • Yes, lough is synonymous with lake. Both words refer to a body of water surrounded by land.

Can lough refer to a bay?

  • Yes, lough can also refer to a bay, which is a wide inlet of the sea or ocean.

Are there specific examples of famous loughs?

  • Yes, there are specific examples of famous loughs such as Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland and Lough Corrib in Ireland.

Can lough be used as a proper noun?

  • Yes, lough can be used as a proper noun when referring to specific bodies of water.

What is the etymology of the word lough?

  • The word lough derives from the Old Irish word 'loch' meaning 'lake' or 'sea inlet.'

Can lough be found in other languages?

  • Similar words to lough, meaning 'lake,' can be found in other Celtic languages, such as 'loch' in Scottish Gaelic and 'llafn' in Welsh.

How is lough pronounced?

  • Lough is pronounced as 'loff' or 'lok', depending on the regional dialect.