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How to pronounce mores and what is the meaning of mores?



How to pronounce mores?

The word mores sounds like mo-res

What is the definition of mores?

noun(sociology) the conventions that embody the fundamental values of a group

What is the meaning of the word 'mores'?

  • 'Mores' refers to the customs, norms, and practices that are accepted and followed by a particular society.

What is the origin of the word 'mores'?

  • The word 'mores' comes from the Latin word 'mōrēs', which means 'customs' or 'morals'.

How is 'mores' pronounced?

  • 'Mores' is pronounced as 'MOHR-ays'.

What are some synonyms of 'mores'?

  • Customs
  • traditions
  • conventions
  • morals

What are some examples of 'mores' in society?

  • Examples of 'mores' include the expectation of being punctual for appointments, treating elders with respect, and following certain rules of etiquette.

Do 'mores' vary from culture to culture?

  • Yes, 'mores' can vary significantly from culture to culture. Each society has its own set of customs and norms that are considered important.

Are 'mores' legally binding?

  • While 'mores' are deeply ingrained in society, they are not necessarily legally binding. However, they can influence the development of laws and regulations.

Can 'mores' change over time?

  • Yes, 'mores' can change over time as societies evolve and develop. New customs and norms may emerge while old ones may become less relevant.

Are 'mores' specific to a certain group of people?

  • Yes, 'mores' are specific to a certain group of people or a particular society. They reflect the values and expectations of that group.

How do 'mores' differ from 'laws'?

  • While 'mores' are customs and norms followed by society, 'laws' are officially enforced rules that carry legal consequences if violated.