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How to pronounce ravine



How to pronounce ravine?

The word ravine sounds like ra-vine

What is the definition of ravine?

nouna deep narrow steep-sided valley (especially one formed by running water)

What is the definition of ravine?

  • A ravine is a deep, narrow hollow or gorge with steep sides, typically formed by the erosion of water.

What is the origin of the word ravine?

  • The word 'ravine' originated from the French word 'ravin' which means 'gully' or 'torrential stream'.

What are synonyms for ravine?

  • gully
  • canyon
  • chasm
  • gorge
  • ravine
  • crevasse

What are antonyms for ravine?

  • hill
  • mountain
  • plateau

What are examples of ravines?

  • Some examples of ravines include the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA, Tiger Leaping Gorge in China, and Waimea Canyon in Hawaii, USA.

What is the geological process responsible for the formation of ravines?

  • The formation of ravines is primarily caused by the erosive action of water, which carves out deep channels over time.

What are the characteristics of a ravine?

  • A ravine is characterized by its steep sides, narrow width, and deep depth. It is often found in hilly or mountainous areas.

Can ravines be dangerous?

  • Yes, ravines can be dangerous as they may contain steep cliffs and loose soil, making them prone to landslides and collapses.

Are ravines only found on land?

  • No, ravines can also be found underwater, formed by the action of underwater currents and erosion.

How are ravines different from valleys?

  • Ravines are narrower and steeper than valleys. They are typically the result of more localized erosion, while valleys are formed by the erosion of larger areas.