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Pronunciation and meaning of "zipper"


noun, verb

How to pronounce zipper?

The word zipper sounds like zip-per

What is the definition of zipper?

nouna fastener for locking together two toothed edges by means of a sliding tab
verbclose with a zipper

What is the definition of zipper?

  • A zipper is a fastening device that consists of two strips of fabric with interlocking metal or plastic teeth and a sliding mechanism that allows the teeth to be brought together or separated.

What are the different types of zippers?

  • The different types of zippers include coil zippers, plastic molded zippers, metal zippers, invisible zippers, and nylon zippers.

How does a zipper work?

  • A zipper consists of two strips of fabric with interlocking metal or plastic teeth. The slider mechanism has two sets of jaws that grasp the teeth, allowing them to be brought together or separated by sliding the mechanism.

Who invented the zipper?

  • The zipper was invented by Whitcomb Judson in 1891. However, the modern zipper, as we know it today, was improved and popularized by Gideon Sundback in the early 20th century.

What are some common uses of zippers?

  • Zippers are commonly used in clothing, bags, purses, shoes, tents, and various other textile products that require a fastening mechanism.

Are zippers reversible?

  • No, zippers are not reversible. They have one side with teeth and another side with a fabric tape, which cannot be reversed.

Can zippers be repaired?

  • Yes, zippers can be repaired. Common issues with zippers include broken teeth, stuck sliders, or detached pull tabs, which can be fixed by replacing the faulty components or adjusting the slider mechanism.

How do I choose the right zipper size?

  • To choose the right zipper size, you need to consider the weight and type of fabric, as well as the intended use of the zipper. The size is generally indicated by the width of the zipper teeth, measured in millimeters or inches.

Can zippers be recycled?

  • Yes, zippers can be recycled. Some recycling centers accept zippers, and the metal or plastic components can be reused or melted down for other purposes.

Are zippers waterproof?

  • Some zippers are designed to be water-resistant or waterproof, but not all zippers have this feature. It depends on the materials used and the construction of the zipper.