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How to pronounce the word 'low-lying'?



How to pronounce low-lying?


What is the definition of low-lying?

adjectivelying below the normal level
  • a low-lying desert
adjectivehaving a small elevation above the ground or horizon or sea level
  • low-lying clouds

What is the definition of 'low-lying'?

  • Low-lying refers to a location or area that is situated at a low elevation, close to or below the level of surrounding land or water.

What are synonyms for 'low-lying'?

  • low
  • shallow
  • flat
  • level
  • depressed
  • sunken
  • submerged

What are antonyms for 'low-lying'?

  • high
  • elevated
  • mountainous
  • upland

What are examples of low-lying areas?

  • Coastal plains
  • River deltas
  • Salt marshes
  • Floodplains

What are the characteristics of low-lying areas?

  • They are often prone to flooding
  • They may have fertile soil suitable for agriculture
  • They are typically close to bodies of water

How does elevation affect low-lying areas?

  • Lower elevation makes low-lying areas more susceptible to flooding
  • Higher elevation provides better protection against floods

What are the environmental impacts of low-lying areas?

  • Rapid urbanization can lead to increased vulnerability to natural disasters
  • Sea-level rise due to climate change poses a significant threat to low-lying coastal areas
  • Loss of wetlands and habitat destruction can occur in low-lying areas

What are the potential benefits of low-lying areas?

  • They can provide fertile land for agriculture
  • They may offer opportunities for tourism and recreational activities
  • They can serve as important wildlife habitats

How does geology contribute to low-lying areas?

  • Geological factors such as subsidence, crustal movements, and tectonic activities can contribute to the formation of low-lying areas

What are the challenges of living in low-lying areas?

  • Frequent flooding can damage property and infrastructure
  • Increased risk of storm surge and coastal erosion
  • The need for effective drainage systems and flood protection measures