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How to pronounce 'cirrus'?



How to pronounce cirrus?

The word cirrus sounds like cir-rus

What is the definition of cirrus?

nouna wispy white cloud (usually of fine ice crystals) at a high altitude (4 to 8 miles)
nounusually coiled
nouna slender flexible animal appendage as on barnacles or crinoids or many insects; often tactile

What is the definition of cirrus?

  • Cirrus is a type of high-altitude cloud composed of ice crystals.

What is the origin of the word cirrus?

  • The word cirrus comes from Latin, meaning "curl" or "fringe".

What are the characteristics of cirrus clouds?

  • Cirrus clouds are thin and wispy in appearance, often appearing as white streaks or patches in the sky.
  • They are usually located at high altitudes, typically above 20,000 feet (6,000 meters).
  • Cirrus clouds are composed of ice crystals and are formed by the freezing of supercooled water droplets.

How are cirrus clouds formed?

  • Cirrus clouds are formed when water vapor in the air condenses directly into ice crystals at high altitudes.
  • These ice crystals can form around particles such as dust, smoke, or other microscopic substances in the atmosphere.

What weather is associated with cirrus clouds?

  • Cirrus clouds are often associated with fair weather.
  • Their presence can indicate the approach of a warm front or a storm system in some cases, but generally, they do not bring precipitation on their own.

What are some common types of cirrus clouds?

  • Some common types of cirrus clouds include cirrus fibratus (filamentous cirrus), cirrus uncinus (curved cirrus), and cirrus spissatus (thick cirrus).

Are cirrus clouds dangerous?

  • Cirrus clouds themselves are not dangerous.
  • However, they can sometimes indicate the presence of other weather conditions or atmospheric phenomena that may have associated risks.

Can cirrus clouds block the sun?

  • Cirrus clouds are thin and often translucent, so they do not usually block the sun completely.
  • However, they can contribute to the scattering of sunlight, creating halo effects or colorful sunsets.

What is the plural form of cirrus?

  • The plural form of cirrus is cirri.

Are cirrus clouds always white?

  • Cirrus clouds are typically white, but their appearance can change depending on the angle of the sunlight.
  • During sunrise or sunset, they can take on shades of pink, orange, or red.