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How to pronounce "penal"?



How to pronounce penal?

The word penal sounds like pe-nal

What is the definition of penal?

adjective(of an act or offense) subject to punishment by law
  • a penal offense
adjectiveserving as or designed to impose punishment
  • penal servitude
  • the juvenile was sentenced to six months in a penal institution
of or relating to punishment
  • penal reform
  • penal code

What is the definition of "penal"?

  • relating to or prescribing punishment, as for breaking the law
  • pertaining to or involving punishment, as for crimes or offenses

What is the origin of the word "penal"?

  • The word "penal" originated from the Latin word "poena" meaning "punishment".

How is "penal" pronounced?

  • The word "penal" is pronounced as "PEE-nuhl".

What are synonyms for the word "penal"?

  • punitive
  • disciplinary
  • correctional
  • retributive

What are antonyms for the word "penal"?

  • rewarding
  • beneficial
  • non-punitive

How is the word "penal" used in a sentence?

  • He was sentenced to a penal institution for his crimes.
  • The penal code outlines the legal consequences for various offenses.
  • The judge imposed penal sanctions on the convicted criminals.

What is a related term to the word "penal"?

  • penalty

What is the adverb form of the word "penal"?

  • penally

What is the noun form of the word "penal"?

  • penalty

Is the word "penal" commonly used?

  • Yes, the word "penal" is commonly used in legal and criminal justice contexts.