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How to say perform correctly?



How to pronounce perform?

The word perform sounds like per-form

What is the definition of perform?

verbcarry out or perform an action
verbget (something) done
verbgive a performance (of something)
  • Horowitz is performing at Carnegie Hall tonight
  • We performed a popular Gilbert and Sullivan opera
verbperform a function
  • Who will perform the wedding?

What is the definition of perform?

  • Perform means to carry out or execute a task, function, or action.

What are some synonyms of perform?

  • carry out
  • execute
  • accomplish
  • fulfill
  • do
  • conduct
  • undertake

What are some antonyms of perform?

  • fail
  • neglect
  • abandon
  • idle
  • discontinue

What part of speech is perform?

  • Perform is a verb.

What are the different forms of perform?

  • perform (verb)
  • performs (third person singular present)
  • performed (past tense)
  • performing (present participle)
  • performed (past participle)

What are some example sentences using the word perform?

  • She will perform a dance routine at the talent show.
  • The orchestra will perform Beethoven's Symphony No. 5.
  • The magician will perform his tricks on stage.
  • The actor delivered a powerful performance in the play.
  • The surgeon performed a life-saving operation.

What are some related words to perform?

  • accomplish
  • execute
  • carry out
  • fulfill
  • achieve
  • conduct
  • undertake
  • complete

How is perform used in a sentence?

  • Perform is used as a verb in a sentence.

What is the origin of the word perform?

  • The word perform originated from the Latin word 'performare', which means 'to carry out'.

Can you give me a synonym for perform that starts with the letter 'e'?

  • execute