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How to pronounce "kahoolawe"



How to pronounce kahoolawe?

The word kahoolawe sounds like ka-hoo-la-we

What is the definition of kahoolawe?

nounan island of south-central Hawaii

What is the definition of kahoolawe?

  • Kahoolawe is the smallest of the eight main volcanic islands in the Hawaiian archipelago.

Where is kahoolawe located?

  • Kahoolawe is located in the central Pacific Ocean, about 7 miles southwest of Maui, Hawaii.

What is the significance of kahoolawe?

  • Kahoolawe holds great cultural and historical significance for the Native Hawaiian people. It served as a significant cultural, spiritual, and agricultural center for many years.

Why is kahoolawe uninhabited?

  • Kahoolawe is uninhabited due to its arid climate and lack of freshwater sources. It has also been used as a military training ground, which has left unexploded ordnance on the island, making it unsafe for habitation.

What is the current status of kahoolawe?

  • Since 1994, Kahoolawe has been under the jurisdiction of the Kahoolawe Island Reserve Commission. Efforts are being made to restore the island's natural and cultural resources.

What is the size of kahoolawe?

  • Kahoolawe covers an area of about 45 square miles (116 square kilometers), making it the smallest of the main Hawaiian islands.

What is the landscape like on kahoolawe?

  • Kahoolawe has a rugged and barren landscape with rocky shores, volcanic cinder cones, and low-growing vegetation. The island lacks significant vegetation due to erosion and past overgrazing.

What is the climate like on kahoolawe?

  • Kahoolawe has a dry and arid climate with very little rainfall. The island experiences strong winds and can be quite hot during the day.

Can people visit kahoolawe?

  • Currently, access to Kahoolawe is restricted due to safety concerns. There are limited opportunities for managed access and cultural visits through the Kahoolawe Island Reserve Commission.

What is the ecological importance of kahoolawe?

  • Despite its current state, Kahoolawe is ecologically significant. It is home to several endangered plant and animal species, and efforts are being made to restore the island's ecosystem.