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How is the word 'swage' pronounced and what does it mean?


verb, noun

How to pronounce swage?

The word swage sounds like swage

What is the definition of swage?

verbform metals with a swage
nouna tool used to thicken or spread metal (the end of a bar or a rivet etc.) by forging or hammering or swaging

What is the definition of swage?

  • Swage is a verb that means to shape or adjust metal or other material by using a swage tool or press.

What is a swage tool?

  • A swage tool is a device used to shape or adjust metal or other material by deformation, typically through the application of pressure.

What are the types of swage tools?

  • Some common types of swage tools include swage blocks, swage dies, and swage punches.

What is a swage block?

  • A swage block is a large, heavy block of metal with various shaped depressions or holes used for shaping or forming metal.

What are swage dies?

  • Swage dies are specialized tools with shaped cavities used to form metal into specific shapes or patterns.

What is a swage punch?

  • A swage punch is a tool used to create or enlarge holes in metal or other materials.

What industries commonly use swage tools?

  • Swage tools are commonly used in industries such as metalworking, jewelry making, blacksmithing, and wire rope manufacturing.

What is the origin of the word 'swage'?

  • The word 'swage' originated from Middle English, derived from the Old French word 'suager', meaning 'to shape or fashion'. It is also related to the Old Norse word 'sveggja', meaning 'to bend or sway'.
  • The word 'swage' can also be traced back to the Proto-Germanic word 'swagjaną'.

What is a swage fitting?

  • A swage fitting is a type of fitting used to connect or terminate wire rope or cable, usually by forming a loop or eyelet through swaging.

What is swaging used for in jewelry making?

  • In jewelry making, swaging is often used to shape and form metal wires or tubes to create intricate designs, patterns, or connections.