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How to pronounce 'soiree'?



How to pronounce soiree?

The word soiree sounds like soi-ree

What is the definition of soiree?

nouna party of people assembled in the evening (usually at a private house)

What is the definition of soiree?

  • A soiree is an evening party or social gathering, typically held in a private residence.

How do you pronounce soiree?

  • The word soiree is pronounced as 'swah-ray'.

Where does the word soiree come from?

  • The word soiree comes from the French language. It is derived from the Old French word 'soir', meaning 'evening'.

What is the origin of soiree?

  • The origin of soiree can be traced back to 18th century France, where it was used to describe an evening social gathering or party.

Is soiree a formal event?

  • A soiree is typically considered a formal or semi-formal event. It is often held in a private residence and may involve a specific theme or purpose.

What is the difference between a soiree and a party?

  • While both soiree and party refer to social gatherings, a soiree is generally more elegant and sophisticated compared to a regular party. Soirees are often held in the evening and may have a specific focus or purpose.

Can soiree be used to describe an outdoor gathering?

  • The term soiree is primarily used to describe an indoor evening gathering, typically held in a private residence. It is less commonly used for outdoor gatherings.

What are some synonyms of soiree?

  • Some synonyms of soiree include party, gathering, reception, social event, and function.

What is the opposite of a soiree?

  • The opposite of a soiree would be a casual event or a low-key gathering.

Is soiree the same as a soirée?

  • Yes, soiree and soirée are the same word. The accent mark (é) in soirée is often omitted in English, so both spellings are commonly used.