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How to pronounce paean and its meaning



How to pronounce paean?

The word paean sounds like pae-an

What is the definition of paean?

nouna formal expression of praise
noun(ancient Greece) a hymn of praise (especially one sung in ancient Greece to invoke or thank a deity)

What is the definition of paean?

  • A paean is a song or a hymn of praise or triumph.

What is the origin of the word paean?

  • The word paean comes from the Greek word 'paiān' which means a hymn of praise or healing.

How is paean pronounced?

  • Paean is pronounced as 'PEE-uhn'.

What is an example sentence using the word paean?

  • He sang a paean of joy and gratitude after winning the championship.

What are synonyms for paean?

  • Synonyms for paean include hymn, ode, anthem, praise song, jubilation.

What are some related words to paean?

  • Some related words to paean are eulogy, acclaim, laudation, tribute, commendation.

What is the opposite of paean?

  • The opposite of paean is lament, criticism, condemnation.

What is the meaning of paean in Greek mythology?

  • In Greek mythology, paean was a hymn of thanksgiving addressed to Apollo, the god of healing.

What is the literary significance of paean?

  • In literature, paean refers to a joyful or exultant song or poem used to express praise, triumph, or thanksgiving.

Is paean commonly used in contemporary language?

  • Paean is not commonly used in contemporary language. It is more commonly encountered in formal or literary contexts.