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How to pronounce 'amontillado'?



How to pronounce amontillado?

The word amontillado sounds like a-mon-til-la-do

What is the definition of amontillado?

nounpale medium-dry sherry from Spain

What is the definition of amontillado?

  • Amontillado is a type of dry sherry wine that is produced in Spain.

What is the origin of the word amontillado?

  • The word amontillado originated from the Spanish language.

How is amontillado wine made?

  • Amontillado wine is made by aging and blending dry white wines that are produced from the Palomino grape.

What are the characteristics of amontillado wine?

  • Amontillado wine is typically amber in color and has a nutty, caramel-like flavor with hints of oak and almond.

Can amontillado wine be sweet?

  • Amontillado wine is generally dry, but it can have a slightly sweet taste due to the caramelized flavors developed during aging.

What is the alcohol content of amontillado wine?

  • The alcohol content of amontillado wine typically ranges from 15% to 18.5%.

What is the proper serving temperature for amontillado wine?

  • Amontillado wine is best served slightly chilled, typically between 12°C and 14°C (54°F and 57°F).

What food pairs well with amontillado wine?

  • Amontillado wine pairs well with various types of cheese, tapas, roasted nuts, grilled seafood, and cured meats.

Is amontillado wine suitable for aging?

  • Yes, amontillado wine is suitable for aging. Some high-quality amontillados can be aged in oak barrels for decades, developing more complex flavors and aromas.

Where can amontillado wine be purchased?

  • Amontillado wine can be purchased at most wine shops, liquor stores, and online retailers specializing in wine.