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How to pronounce 'levirate' and what does it mean?



How to pronounce levirate?

The word levirate sounds like lev-i-rate

What is the definition of levirate?

nounthe biblical institution whereby a man must marry the widow of his childless brother in order to maintain the brother's line

What is the definition of 'levirate'?

  • Levirate is a custom in which a man is required to marry his deceased brother's widow.

What is the origin of the word 'levirate'?

  • The word 'levirate' comes from the Latin word 'levir', meaning 'husband's brother'.

What are synonyms for 'levirate'?

  • Brother-in-law marriage
  • Widow inheritance

What is the opposite of 'levirate'?

  • Sororate - a custom in which a man is required to marry his deceased wife's sister.

What are the cultural variations of 'levirate'?

  • Levirate is practiced in various cultures and religions, including Judaism, Islam, and some African tribes.

Is 'levirate' still practiced today?

  • While levirate was more common in the past, it is still practiced in some traditional societies today.

What is the purpose of 'levirate'?

  • The purpose of levirate is to ensure the continuation of the deceased brother's lineage and provide economic and social protection for the widow.

Are there any legal implications of 'levirate'?

  • In some countries, levirate may have legal implications, affecting inheritance rights, property ownership, and marital status.

How is 'levirate' viewed in different societies?

  • Views on levirate vary among societies, ranging from a traditional and accepted practice to a controversial and outdated custom.

Are there any cultural or religious considerations associated with 'levirate'?

  • Yes, the practice of levirate is often influenced by cultural or religious beliefs, traditions, and norms.