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How to pronounce "reggie"?


How to pronounce reggie?

The word reggie sounds like reg-gie

What is the meaning of the word reggie?

  • The word reggie is a slang term originating from Australia and New Zealand. It refers to a cigarette, especially a hand-rolled one.

Is reggie a common word?

  • Reggie is not a commonly used word and may only be familiar to individuals from Australia and New Zealand or those who are familiar with Australian and New Zealand slang.

What is the origin of the word reggie?

  • The exact origin of the word reggie is unclear. It is believed to have derived from the word "roll-your-own," which refers to hand-rolled cigarettes.

Can reggie have other meanings?

  • Reggie is primarily used to refer to a cigarette. However, it can also be a nickname or short form of the name Reggie, which is a given name.

What are some synonyms of reggie?

  • Some synonyms of reggie include ciggie, durry, smoke, and darts.

Is reggie commonly used in formal language?

  • No, reggie is primarily used in informal and colloquial language.

Is reggie specific to a certain region?

  • While reggie is most commonly used in Australia and New Zealand, it is not exclusive to these regions. It may be used by individuals familiar with Australian and New Zealand slang.

Can reggie be used in professional settings?

  • No, reggie is considered informal and should not be used in professional settings.

Are there any related words to reggie?

  • Some related words to reggie include rollie, roll-up, and hand-rolled cigarette.

Is reggie considered offensive?

  • No, reggie is not considered offensive as it is simply a slang term for a cigarette.