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How to pronounce 'phantasma'?



What is the definition of phantasma?

nounsomething existing in perception only
nouna ghostly appearing figure

What is the definition of phantasma?

  • Phantasma is a noun that refers to an illusion, apparition, or phantom that appears as a product of imagination or imagination itself.

What are synonyms for phantasma?

  • Synonyms for phantasma include illusion, mirage, specter, hallucination, phantasm, apparition, ghost, and fantasy.

What is the origin of the word phantasma?

  • The word phantasma originated from the Greek word 'phantasma', meaning 'ghost' or 'apparition'. It entered the English language in the late 16th century.

How can phantasma be used in a sentence?

  • 1. The old castle was filled with phantasma and eerie sounds.
  • 2. Sarah couldn't distinguish between reality and phantasma after staying awake for two days.
  • 3. The artist created a stunning painting that captured the essence of phantasma.

Is phantasma a common word?

  • Phantasma is not a very common word in everyday language usage, but it can be found in literary and artistic contexts.

What is the plural form of phantasma?

  • The plural form of phantasma is phantasmas.

What part of speech is phantasma?

  • Phantasma is a noun.

Can phantasma refer to a real phenomenon or object?

  • No, phantasma refers to an illusion or imaginary entity, not something that exists in reality.

Are there any related words to phantasma?

  • Yes, some related words to phantasma include phantasm, phantasmagoria, phantasmal, and phantasmagoric.

What is the opposite of phantasma?

  • The opposite of phantasma, in the sense of an illusion or apparition, could be reality, truth, or actuality.