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How do you pronounce bivalent?



How to pronounce bivalent?

The word bivalent sounds like bi-va-lent

What is the definition of bivalent?

adjectiveused of homologous chromosomes associated in pairs in synapsis
adjectivehaving a valence of two or having two valences

What is the definition of bivalent?

  • Bivalent is an adjective that refers to something that has two valences or can assume two different states or behaviors.

What is the origin of the word bivalent?

  • The word bivalent comes from the Latin word 'bi-' meaning 'two' and the English word 'valent' meaning 'having a valence'. It was first used in the mid-19th century.

What are synonyms for bivalent?

  • Some synonyms for bivalent include dual, two-valent, binary, and duplex.

What are antonyms for bivalent?

  • Some antonyms for bivalent include monovalent, univalent, and single-valent.

How is bivalent used in chemistry?

  • In chemistry, bivalent refers to an element or ion that has a valence of two, meaning it can form two chemical bonds.

How is bivalent used in genetics?

  • In genetics, bivalent refers to a pair of homologous chromosomes that come together and undergo genetic recombination during meiosis.

What is an example sentence using the word bivalent?

  • The bivalent vaccine protects against two strains of the virus.

Can bivalent be used to describe a person?

  • While bivalent is primarily used in scientific or technical contexts, it can metaphorically be used to describe a person who exhibits conflicting or dual characteristics.

Is bivalent a commonly used word?

  • Bivalent is not a commonly used word in everyday conversations. It is mostly used in specialized fields such as chemistry, genetics, or mathematics.

Can bivalent have different meanings in different contexts?

  • Yes, the meaning of bivalent can vary depending on the specific context it is used in, such as chemistry, genetics, or metaphorical usage.