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How to pronounce "cybele" and what is the meaning of "cybele"?



How to pronounce cybele?

The word cybele sounds like cyb-e-le

What is the definition of cybele?

noungreat nature goddess of ancient Phrygia in Asia Minor; counterpart of Greek Rhea and Roman Ops

What is the meaning of cybele?

  • Cybele is a noun which refers to the Phrygian goddess of nature, fertility, and mountains in Greek and Roman mythology.

What is the origin of the word cybele?

  • The word Cybele comes from the Phrygian word Kubaba, which means 'mountain mother'. It was later adopted into Greek and Roman mythology.

Who worshiped cybele?

  • Cybele was primarily worshiped by the ancient Phrygians. Her worship later spread to Greece and Rome, where she became one of the most important deities.

What are the symbols associated with cybele?

  • Cybele is often depicted with a crown or headdress, a lion-drawn chariot, and a key as a symbol of her authority.

What are the characteristics of cybele?

  • Cybele is associated with nature, fertility, mountains, and wild animals. She is often depicted as a nurturing and protective mother figure.

Are there any festivals dedicated to cybele?

  • Yes, the most famous festival dedicated to Cybele was the Megalesia, which took place in Rome from April 4th to April 10th. During this festival, there were grand processions, games, and theatrical performances.

Are there any famous myths or stories about cybele?

  • One famous myth is the story of Attis, a beloved youth who became Cybele's lover. In this myth, Attis castrates himself under a pine tree, which leads to his death and subsequent resurrection.

Is cybele still worshiped today?

  • Although the worship of Cybele declined with the fall of the Roman Empire, there are still modern Pagan and Neo-Pagan movements that honor her as a goddess.

Has cybele been depicted in art and literature?

  • Yes, Cybele has been depicted in various forms of art, including statues, paintings, and poetry. She has inspired numerous works of literature and continues to be a subject of artistic interpretation.

Is there any related deity to cybele?

  • In Greek mythology, Cybele is often associated with Rhea, the Titaness and mother of the gods. Both goddesses share similar attributes and are revered as powerful mother figures.